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21 Points Air Conditioner Tune-up

21 Points Air Conditioner Tune-up

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Air conditioner is a cooling appliance which lowers the indoor temperature and makes it a cool and pleasant atmosphere to live. Regular maintenance is very important to keep it running to beat the heat of summer when your air conditioner runs almost 24/7. Now homeowners of Toronto, Mississauga and other GTA Areas can improve the performance and efficiency of their existing air conditioner with Cosmopolitan 21 Points Air conditioner Tune-ups services at an affordable service price. Enjoy uninterrupted cooling and reliable cooling comfort with our professionally performed air conditioner maintenance by our well trained and qualified HVAC personnel. Our exclusive 21 Points maintenance will bring back your air conditioner’s lost efficiency which will significantly lower your cooling bills and provide better cooling comfort.

21-Points Air Conditioner Tune-ups Services

1) Inspect and clean Condenser as required.
2) Check for signs of condensation leaks around equipment.
3) Ensure humidifier bypass is closed
4) Listen for any abnormal noise.
5) Check furnace filter
6) Check condensate drain pan and line.
7) Check electrical wiring and connections.
8) Check voltage across contractor, contractor coil and its condition
9) Check line voltage and fuse/breaker size
10) Check thermostat setting, reference indoor and outdoor temperatures
11) Check control box, associated controls/accessories, wiring and connections.
12) Check operation of condenser fan motor
13) Check visually compressor and associated tubing for damage.
14) Check all control box
15) Testing equipment on full Operational cycle
16) Check for proper refrigerant level
17) Check air flow through condenser coil
18) Check interior temperature drop across the cooling coil (15 to 22 Degree F).
19) Check system for correct line and load volts/amps.
20) Check operation of condensation system and evaporator coil
21) Check capacitor

Air Conditioner Replacement

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