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Home Comfort Protection Plans

Home Comfort Protection Plans

Heating and Cooling Protection Plan

We care for you! Your protection is our priority and providing for you, the best, affordable and reliable home comfort heating and cooling system, our goal. To make sure you receive the in time assistance, in time installation and the in time repair and maintenance of your heating and cooling appliances, we've designed a wonderful protection plan for you here at Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc.

Protection plan motives:

The primary motive of introducing this protection plan is;

1) To reach you at the earliest possible hour and give priority services
2) To help you save money
3) To give more life to your heating and cooling appliances

Protection plan overview:

We've at this moment three different protection plans here at Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc., the details of which are given below. You can choose any plan as per your budget and requirements.

Silver Plan:

Taking our $13/month silver plan will give you the opportunity to have our expert services called within 48hrs. We respond to your request within 48hrs no matter how busy we are. We prefer you over others. Also, being our silver plan member, you can enjoy 25% discount on any repairs, anytime.

Gold plan:

The gold plan brings even more ease. Choose for our gold plan in as low as $24 and have the privilege of 36hrs response time and up to $500 of repairs and labour for free on your furnace and air conditioner.

Platinum plan:

There's yet to come the best home comfort heating and cooling protection plan. Become a platinum member and we'll be at your service within 16hrs. Just by submitting $34/month as a platinum member, you can enjoy up to $800 of repairs and labour services for your furnace and AC. Absolutely free. Yes!

Maintenance plan doesn't cover any safety switches.

Home Comfort Protection Plans