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Water Heater Maintenance

Every home appliances, be it large or small, once installed needs to be taken care of. The care is, maintenance. Maintenance of water heaters may include:

1. Flushing of the water tank to wash off sediments
2. Checking for gas leakage
3. T&P Valve tightening.
4. Looking for possible corrosions (in case of conventional water heaters)
5. Analysing thermostat working etc.

Some of these maintenance practices are the ones that need to be done once after three months, once after six months or once after a year while others may be considered on a monthly basis by the homeowners or as per prescribed by the company.

Why expert maintenance?

Although product maintenance sheet is provided by the companies, individuals may not find it easy to undertake all maintenance tasks. Self-service is not always a good idea, particularly when there's a danger zone too since these products either use gas or electricity. While experts know how and what prerequisites to take, individuals sometimes ignore the careful measures suggested in the maintenance sheet provided with the water heaters. God forbid but you could certainly expect an explosion if you begin to play around with your water heater without reading the suggested maintenance user guide.

Shift on the worries

It's busy schedule that sometimes does not allow proper maintenance, the homeowners might fail to understand what maintenance their water heater might be waiting for or they might just be reluctant to take on the maintenance task on their own.
One of the above reasons or any other, we're always ready to take on this worry from you. The licenced Cosmopolitan Mechanical staff will help you understand what exactly is ailing your water heater, will fix it using professional equipment and finally, will make sure that your device continues to work efficiently to give you the home comfort that we are committed to give.
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1. We’re always open
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