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Red Tag Furnace

Red Tag Furnace

Nobody wants to risk the lives of their loved ones and neither would you. It is, therefore, important that you make sure none of the home comfort heating and cooling appliances at your home is a potential threat to your life and the life of your loved ones. Many appliances use natural gas to work. While this gas helps them work, it should also be noted that natural gas is highly combustible. It burns and can put everything on fire with a slight flame. The problem begins when gas from heating and cooling appliances begin to leak. This problem could occur with any home comfort devices but mainly with the furnaces and the water heaters.

A life threat:

There are instances rather many instances when a certain family slept to never wake up again. Carbon monoxide begins to leak from old and unmaintained furnaces and spreads into the home without the homeowners could feel. It's colourless, odourless and tasteless so there's no way you would suspect the leak easily. That's why there are red tags to make the process of detection easy. Canada cares for you and so do Canadian laws. For this reason, Canada's law demands the tagging of furnaces that could be a threat to the lives of the homeowners. A red tag furnace means that your furnace needs prompt repairs and until the repairs are made, there'd be no gas supply by the gas contractor. In other words, you’re not allowed to play with lives by using a faulty furnace.

Redtag furnace and Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc.


You can trust us! We understand that some home comfort heating and cooling contractors out there might just be tagging your furnace red without any reason. Maybe to have you take their repair services. God knows! Well, when that happens, you can always call us to give you a reliable and expert opinion about your furnace’s condition.


We service furnaces whether they need a slight repair or a serious one. You shouldn't consider buying a new furnace as the only choice if your furnace has been red tagged. There's always a way to repair the product back and who can do it better than your own, Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc.? We treat red tags whether they're type A tags or type B tags. In both cases, prioritising your safety is always a matter of concern for us. Your safety, your saving and your home comfort comes first, everything else is just secondary. So, whether a suspected furnace is what you want a check up of or an already tagged furnace, we're sitting right on phone 24/7. Why? Waiting for your call, of course! 1-855-245-4328