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Lennox Ductless Air Conditioners

Heat or Cool your rooms now with Lennox mini split Air Conditioners. These Air Conditioners being versatile, energy efficient and affordable are ideal for you if you're looking for heating or cooling, not the whole home but only specific areas in your home. With one single outdoor unit, several rooms can be heated or cooled with ultimate comfort. Also, with Lennox Air Conditioners installed at home, now you can reduce the security risks that are always there with conventional heating-cooling systems. The small designs are suitable to be easily adjusted in large as well as small rooms. Apart from the quiet operation feature of these Lennox Air Conditioners, their sensor remote control is another speciality. The sensor in the remote of Lennox mini split Air Conditioners senses the outdoor temperature and adjusts the system automatically according to the set temperature.

With secure installation, multi zone design, all in one heating-cooling, quiet operation and high SEER rates, Lennox Air Conditioners one of the top ductless Air Conditioner Products.


Ductless MS8Z Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner


Ductless MS8H Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner


Ductless MS8C Mini Split Air