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Boosting and exaggeration are not allowed here! What we say has been proven by the awards we've won, the people we've served and the identity we've built in Toronto and the nearby areas. From appliance selling to appliance installation, from appliance maintenance to appliance discounts, we're making tireless efforts to make sure you receive the best of the best. Our Appliance Repair Service is nowhere behind in beating the classy standards of professionalism, reliability and Customer Care. Below is a glimpse of that;

Reliable Repairs:

If you don't know, let us tell you about the so-called services that would insist you to replace your appliance when they come for a repair visit. The hidden motive is to have you take their more expensive services. That's unfair! We, the Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. do the opposite. When we repair, we make sure to repair your appliance with the best of our capability so that you don't have to dump it before time. Although on a repair visit, our job is mere to repair the appliance, our service men also make just and honest suggestions on whether to make the repairs or go for a new appliance. But they never fool you.

Save on Repairs:

Always heard of expense of repairs? Here's something new. We offer ''save on repairs''. At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. we've designed a Protection Plan to ensure that you save even on repairs. We offer 25% discount on part replacement while up to $500-$800 Free labour and maintenance for our Protection Plan members. There's also a general discount on Repair Services if the appliance was initially installed by us.
So whatever appliance you're seeking a repair of, just make a quick call at 1-855-245-4328 and enjoy Toronto’s best HVAC services.