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Water Treatment service

Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services is committed to providing you with life's most precious liquid in the purest form. Our vision is to improve your water quality by offering world-class and affordable water treatment solutions so that you could experience flawless water that keeps you healthy and your plumbing fixtures efficient. For a better life and improved lifestyle, your chance to the make the most out of our water treatment services is here!

Water Softeners

Our Water Softener solutions help you get rid of the problems caused by hard water. Get instant access to plentiful of clean, soft and safe water for bathing, cleaning and everyday use. With high efficiency, cost-effectiveness and amazing warranties, our Water Softener Solutions are undoubtedly just the right choice for you.

Drinking Water Solutions

In a time when water-borne diseases are rampant and the annual death toll due to consuming unhealthy water is increasing, we want you to get access to clean drinking water. And there's where our Drinking Water Solutions come in. Get yourself out of the worry of boiling water before consuming. Now you can drink it, right away!

Speciality Solutions

Depending on your locality, you could be experiencing peculiar water issues. It could be high arsenic content in water, presence of chlorine, high amount of hydrogen sulphide, iron, manganese or a constant odour that gives a detestable feel. Our Speciality Solutions are made to combat them all depending on the issue.

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  • Drinking Water Solutions
  • Specialty Solutions

Kinetico Premier Series® XP

Kinetico has taken its best water softener and made it even better. With improvements that make them.

Kinetico Signature Series®

Tried and true engineering and design went into our Signature Series water softeners.

Kinetico Essential Series®

Kinetico has packed the power and ease of non-electric operation into single-tank water softener.

Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station®

We designed this state-of-the-art reverse osmosis system to solve even the toughest water quality challenges.

AquaKinetic A200 Drinking Water System

The AquaKinetic A200 Drinking Water System by Kinetico provides an excellent, economical way to improve the taste.

Kube Advanced Water Filtration System

If you’re tired of waiting for the pitcher to fill, and you’ve ruled out a reverse osmosis system as an option, take a look at Kube.

MACguard Filter

The MACguard® Filter is an excellent choice when you want to eliminate unpleasant tastes and odours.


A single-tank Kinetico Aerator oxidizes dissolved iron, manganese or hydrogen sulfide so it can.

Arsenic Guard®

Kinetico's Arsenic Guard® system offers an effective, affordable and dependable solution.

Calcite Backwashing Filter

The Kinetico Calcite Backwashing Filter is a dual-tank system that filters turbidity nd raises pH.

Carbon Backwashing Filter

Kinetico's twin-tank Carbon Backwashing Filter uses a coconut shell carbon media for whole house removal.

Chloramine Reduction System (CRS)

Kinetico's Chloramine Reduction System eliminates the taste, odour and damaging effects of chloramine.


Kinetico Dechlorinators provide chlorine-free water to every faucet in your home, while protecting your water softener.

Macrolite® Backwashing Filter

Kinetico's twin-tank Macrolite® Backwashing Filter uses a proprietary media to effectively filter water.


Kinetico's single-tank Neutralizer balances the pH of water to eliminate a metallic taste or prevent damage to plumbing.

Powerline™ PRO Series Filters

Protect appliances, fixtures and clothing from iron staining, and eliminate the rotten-egg odor caused by hydrogen.

Sulfur Guard™ Backwashing Filter

Kinetico's Sulfur Guard™ Backwashing Filter is an effective and easy solution for removing hydrogen.

Scale Reduction System (SRS)

The Kinetico Scale Reduction System (SRS) uses proven science, without salt, to help prevent scale buildup.

Whole-House RO Membrane System

Kinetico's Whole-House Reverse Osmosis Membrane System is a saltless solution used to solve a variety of water problems.