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Duct Cleaning

Why so important?:

Ducts are passageways that are used as an important part of the indoor heating and cooling solutions. It is the duct that allows the circulation of air, warm or cold, into the living place. The major working principle of an air duct includes the sucking of air from the living place via return duct, circulation of air in the air duct changing air’s temperature according to the weather and lastly, blowing the treated air back into the living area via the supply duct. A duct on an average, circulates air 5-7 times a day. Passing through different parts of an air duct, the air takes different types of airborne and dust particles with it. These particles stick to the walls of an air duct, blower and filters thus blocking a smooth passageway of air, reducing the efficiency and increasing running cost. In addition to that, if the duct cleaning is not done for a long time, the dust and debris continue to circulate in the living area which reduces the indoor air quality. To maintain a good indoor air quality which is crucial to good health, air duct cleaning is important.

Duct cleaning - How often?

You don’t have to wait for duct cleaning until one of your family member begins to complain of asthma. How often should you consider the duct cleaning depends on different factors;

1. The area you live in has a direct relation with the frequency of cleaning that you should consider. People living in areas of high air     pollution have to do the cleaning more often.
2. The indoor activities matter a lot too. People who frequently smoke, have open kitchens, do activities that produce dust and debris,      i.e tile cutting, wood cutting etc. would have their duct dirty more often compared with others who don’t have such activities going     on inside the home.

Our service - Professional, Durable, Reliable

Being one of the leading home comfort heating and cooling service providers of the GTA, we’re also leading in providing the most professional Air Duct services. Our Air Duct services include;

1. Air Duct installation
2. Air Duct maintenance
3. Air Duct replacement and repair
4. Air Duct sealing

Air Duct cleaning

Air duct cleaning isn’t that difficult but it certainly is not as simple as vacuuming your carpet. If you’re good at vacuuming carpets, great! Keep vacuuming them but don’t vacuum your air duct! Call a professional for that instead, because ducts are different than carpets you know! When we clean your ducts, we don’t just vacuum the filters and done all (like homeowners do). We do it quite differently. Our Air Duct cleaning services include;

1. Cleaning of supply, intake and return ducts
2. Cleaning of filters
3. Cleaning of grills and registers
4. Cleaning of fans and coils of HVAC system
5. Spraying the inner duct walls

With the help of professional and licensed technical staff, specialized equipment and our years of experience in duct cleaning, we can bring back the freshness and warmth back into your home. All you need to do is; bring your phone, schedule an appointment with us and keep on vacuuming your carpet. Duct cleaning? We’ll do that, relax.