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North American Technician Excellence

What is NATE?

North American Technician Excellence formally known as NATE is Canada's largest non-profit certification organisation which was founded in 1997. This organisation is fully run, operated, owned, developed and supported by the HVACR industry. The organisation is focused on issuing certificates to the technicians of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

NATE Test:

NATE tests the technician's practical capability and his overall knowledge of the field by taking a test that includes MCQ's, detailed questions and other questions to validate the test taker’s knowledge before issuing him a certificate.

Proudly Certified:

We the Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. are proud to have been certified by NATE. Our technicians are not just professionals but also have their expertise and professionalism certified by this Nation's largest technician certification organisation.

Canadian GeoExchange Coalition

Canadian GeoExchange coalition is an organisation which is working with the vision of transforming the HVAC market in Canada. It is doing so by;
1. Expanding the geo-exchange product's and service's market in Canada
2. Focusing on facilitating business development
3. Contributing to the economy by increased sales, increased exports and by creating job opportunities
4. Serious commitment to reducing greenhouse gases

Our membership:

Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. is accredited and certified by the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition as a company that is contributing to the above-mentioned goals of CGC.

Lennox Circle of Excellence Award

Lennox Circle of Excellence Award is the most magnificent award given to the Lennox dealers who excel in customer services, show increased sales and prestigious services. Throughout North America, this award is granted only to a selected group of 40 Lennox members.

Award Winner:

We are not only the premium dealer of Lennox are also the winner of Lennox Circle of Excellence Award which certifies our super fast and incredible home comfort heating and cooling services.

Electrical Safety Authority

Electrical Safety Authority or ESA is a non-profit organisation having an agreement with the Ministry of Consumer Services under the electricity act of 1998. ESA licenses electrical contractor, systems of electricity distribution and electrical products according to Ontario Electrical Safety Code. ESA also works for the awareness of electrical safety by holding training and educational sessions in order to improve electrical safety for the inhabitants of Ontario.

Licensed by ESA:

Being one of Toronto's leading HVAC service providers, we've left no significant award and license and have secured all the important spots. Same goes for ESA. We have been licensed by ESA which ensures that we are working within the boundaries of the constitutional codes.

Heating, Refrigeration and Cooling Institute of Canada (HRAI)

HRAI is a non-profit trade association of all types of members of the HVAC industry including, wholesalers, contractors and manufacturers. The purpose of HRAI is to ensure a safe, secure and responsible HVAC industry where world class standards are followed. It also has a code of ethics for the betterment of the HVAC industry and the people on the whole.

HRAI Membership:

Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. is proudly a member of Heating, Refrigeration and Cooling institute of Canada.

Toronto Construction Association

Toronto Construction Association formerly as General Builder's Society was founded in 1867 by the leaders of 58 construction companies. The association was created with the motive to promote highest possible standards of excellence. Today, it has over 2200 members and the motive of highest possible standards hasn't changed in over 150 years.

Our Membership:

We are a part of this years old association devoted to set the new standards of excellence. Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. feels pride in being a member of TCA.

Technical Standard and Safety Authority

TSSA's core concern is Public Safety. As a non-profit and self-funded organisation, it consists of 320 staff members throughout Ontario. TSSA holds itself responsible to the residents of Ontario province, to the Ontario local government and to its stakeholders. Technical Standard and Safety Authority as an organisation is liable to enforce Technical Standard and Safety Act. TSSA members seek to reduce the public security risks as much as possible.

Our membership:

Of this magnificent organisation, we are honoured to be a member. Our company is an authorised member of the TSSA which ensures our services to be well equipped with safety and security standards and that is what our and TSSA’s greatest concern is.

Dave Lennox Premium Membership

It is not easy to get and maintain the title of a ''Premium dealer'' with Lennox. Only those dealers who prove themselves best at service, best at customer care and best at sales get the Premium dealership. Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc is honored to have been titled a Premium dealer with Lennox.