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It is not wise to wait for your heating and cooling appliances to show repair needs. Before they could tell you they need repair, give them a dose of maintenance. Ever wondered how much we make use of the heating and cooling appliances on a yearly basis and how much do they contribute to bring us the home comfort? While our home comfort heating and cooling appliances do a lot for us, we do little to nothing for them. The best you can do to keep your HVAC appliances happy is to use them as per the user manuals and provide them with maintenance regularly.

How often is maintenance important?

Maintenance of the heating and cooling appliances depends on of how much you use them. People who don't make excessive use of HVAC appliances should have them see a technician for maintenance on a yearly basis particularly in the beginning of the season when the appliance is supposed to be used more often. This maintenance may vary for those who use their appliances 24/7 because they never wish to come out of the comfort zone and their appliances thus have to keep working.

Our Maintenance Services

We have designed a wonderful Protection plan for you to save on Maintenance too. We serve Toronto and other GTA homeowners with annual and scheduled maintenance services. Our maintenance services includes;
Maintenance of heating appliance
Maintenance of cooling appliances

The details of maintenance services are hereunder;

Cooling maintenance services include:

1. Checking individual parts
2. Checking of the drains
3. Analysing thermostat
4. Checking of indoor and outdoor units
5. Measurement of temperature difference
6. Checking electrical connections
7. Checking refrigerant pressure
8. Checking an overall functioning of appliance and possible repairs

Heating maintenance services include:

1. Cleaning of the blower
2. Testing of the heat exchanger
3. Testing of carbon monoxide
4. Checking gas vents and pipes
5. Checking electrical connections
6. Checking for any leaks
an overall check up to make sure the appliance is all okay.

Play safe! Don't let small maintenance to become big repairs. If you knew it not, let us tell you; Maintenance is always cheaper than Repair. Get yourself enrolled for our Protection plan and enjoy the joy of saving and comfort.


The right diagnosis Why it's important?

Just like a wrong diagnosis of a disease can lead to serious health risks, the wrong diagnosis of a heating and cooling appliance leads to irrevocable damages too. The home comfort appliances show symptoms of repair by completely stop working, functioning less efficiently, making strange sounds or others. This may leave the homeowners bewildered since it is not always easy to diagnose what exactly is going wrong with the appliance. Although, in such situations, it is strongly suggested to call professionals for the diagnose, the question is, who to call and how to confirm their diagnosis is right. For example; one HVAC service provider might tell you your furnace needs to be replaced because it is not safe to use it anymore while another may suggest a repair of the damage. Whose diagnosis is right? And who should you believe? Remember! Choosing the wrong people to diagnose the problem with your heating and cooling appliances may later become a serious threat to your safety. We just talked about furnaces, let's talk a little more. A furnace that leaks gas is a big danger. If a quack technician fails to diagnose it and gives a thumbs up, the leakage of gas can even lead to setting up the fire in your home. It's therefore, important to choose the right services and right technicians for diagnosis.

How are we the right people?

NATE certified diagnosers

We make no lame claims neither are we interested in making any. You can trust our technicians for making the right diagnosis of your heating and cooling appliances because: Our technicians are licensed from North American Technician Excellence NATE. Please note that NATE is Canada's largest non-profit certification organisation. And NATE's certification is no joke. This certification organisation certifies the HVAC technician only after carefully analysing their knowledge and skills of their profession by taking different types of tests. A technician certified after passing through different stages of testing and analysis can surely be trusted to make the right diagnose of your appliance.

Making money is not our motive:

If anybody else is interested in making fool of people and looting them by the wrong diagnosis, let them be. We are not here to follow suit rather serve. Our certified technicians neither mistakenly nor intentionally diagnose your appliance wrong. We believe in serving our people and giving them the best home comfort experience is what we desire.

Our Diagnosis Services:

We diagnose all types of HVAC appliances be they Furnaces, Water Heaters, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps or any other. As long as they are home comfort Heating and Cooling products, we can handle them with ease and expertise. You can have our diagnostic services and can also call us to confirm your priorly diagnosed appliances by someone else. All it takes is a phone call 1-855-245-4328