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When do I need the duct cleaning?

When it comes to Duct Cleaning, many homeowners find themselves bewildered about how often to perform the Duct Cleaning and whether or not Duct Cleaning is important for the better indoor air quality and for the efficiency of the heating and cooling appliances.

Expert Opinion:

Home comfort heating and cooling experts suggest that Air Duct cleaning should be done regularly and by saying 'regularly' they mean almost after 6 months. Experts say that clean Air Ducts contribute to improving the indoor air quality while also help improve the efficiency of the HVAC systems.

Duct Cleaning - Does it matter?

Homeowners often ask, why really do they need to clean their Air Ducts and does Duct cleaning really has some benefits or it is just a hoax thrown by HVAC service providers to make money. Below are some factual details to help discover why is Duct Cleaning important:

1. So there's moisture in the air and air-borne particles too? Remember that ducts are passageways. They do pass air through them but the empty space gives a safe haven to bacteria and fungi as well. These fungi and bacteria even if not harmful for health may cause bad odour and may also become a reason of breathing problems.

2. Dust gives birth to dust mites. And dust mites aren't going to care whether they're disturbing you or not once they come out of the duct line. Cleaning the duct regularly hinder the possibility of the production of such mites.

3. When a duct is not clean, it blocks the passageway for the air and thus the HVAC system has to insert more energy to function properly. Consequently, more energy is used and more fatty bills are received on your doorstep.

4. The improper air distribution caused by dirty ducts can contribute to an uncomfortable indoor environment, which is certainly not what you want.

5. People with allergies should particularly be concerned about duct cleaning since the dirty air ducts may lead to serious allergies, asthma, sore throat and other breathing problems.

These are the facts that necessitate the regular cleaning of Ducts. Now if you're looking for assistance for your Air Duct cleaning, here it is at the Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc.