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31 Points Furnace Tune-up offer

31 Points Furnace Tune-up offer

Cosmopolitan Mechanical wants your Christmas and New Year celebration best ever with reliable, efficient and safe operation of High Efficiency Furnace, so we created a list of High Efficiency Furnace Check list, So our experienced HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) technicians can give you 100%. These 31 points has been created by our highly professional Heating and Air Conditioning Toronto experts. Our Furnace tune-up will make your furnace reliably work on this Christmas and New Year 2014 Celebrations. We are also offering other special furnace offers in this festive season. Call us now to find out more about our Festive Heating and Cooling Toronto offers.

Work Performed

1) Clean and inspect Furnace interior and exterior.
2) Examine vent connector and inspect venting system
3) Check burners assembly—clean and adjust as needed
4) Inspect and clean blower assembly
5) Check and clean condensate drain line.
6) Check and clean or replace furnace filter.
7) Check gas piping to furnace & Check for leaks.
8) Check and adjust manifold gas pressure (if required).
9) Check electrical wiring and connections.
10) Check operation of Hi limit, Pressure switches & controls
11) Check ignition system and safety controls
12) Check flame rectification
13) Check for elevated CO levels Ambient = PPM
14) Check for elevated CO levels Flue gas= PPM
15) Combustion Air adequate
16) Inspect heat exchanger
17) Check combustion vent blower
18) Check operation of thermostat
19) Check 'Delta T' between supply and return plenums
20) Perform an operational check of the furnace and safety controls.
21) Check control board for any fault codes
22) Calibration of Gas Valve Operation
23) Thermostat Connection checking
24) Combustion Chamber visual checking
25) Blower wheel inspection
26) Panel safety assurance
27) Tighten the furnace wiring
28) Check furnace operation sound
29) Removal of combustible material
30) Combustion air Inspection
31) Furnace performance tips if needed


1) Inspection helps to trace the faults before it lead to bigger problems and cleaning is necessary for efficient operation with safety assurance
2) For effective air flow and avoid heat loss
3) Cleaning of burner provides optimum heating comfort
4) Provides better air flow
5) Clogged condensate drain line can effect the furnace performance and enforce to it work harder
6) Dirty filter impact the furnace efficiency and performance which consume more energy to achieve desire comfort temperature.
7) It’s significantly important that all gas appliances should be checked on regular basis to avoid personal and property damage.
8) Prevention against furnace "not heat" or "over heat" problem
9) A lose wire or connection can cause serious problems, that might lead to improper furnace operation so it becomes more important to check all wiring and connection for maximum performance.
10) Helps to avoid overload
11) For optimum safety assurance to save useful gas and reliable furnace operation
12) to save useful gas and reliable furnace operation
13) To ensure safe furnace operation
14) To ensure safe furnace operation
15) Ventilation is important to keep it running safely.
16) To make sure there is no damage or leak in your furnace heat exchanger because if the heat exchanger is damage it can cause serious personal or property damage.
17) For maximum heating comfort
18) Thermostat acts as a brain to furnace, a properly synchronized thermostat can provide better heating comfort and maximum energy savings.
19) To achieve optimum furnace performance
20) Helps to make sure furnace stability and safety
21) Avoid emergency service call and furnace downtime
22) For precise gas operation
23) For optimized Thermostat operation
24) Reduce utility bills and increase furnace efficiency
25) To see the eliminate of blower
26) Today model of High efficiency furnace have blower door and safety switch and will not operate if the door isn’t closed firmly.
27) For safe and efficient furnace operation
28) For precise comfort and soundless furnace operation
29) For safety assurance
30) For air tight operation of combustion unit
31) To get most of your high efficiency furnace