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Amana Distinctions High Efficiency Air Conditioners

Amana launched its Amana Distinction products that are a little different than the conventional Amana Products. Read out what Amana Distinction Central Air Conditioners carry in particular.

Amana Distinction Central AC features:

Chlorine-Free Refrigerants:

You must also be aware of the hazardous effects the chlorinated refrigerants are causing. In order to keep the product environment-friendly, these Amana Distinction AC's are free from Chlorine Refrigerants.

Sound Blanket:

When AC's work, they make noise. No matter which brand you have in your home, all make more or less noise when they function. In order to not let the Air Conditioner's sound effect your peace, there's a sound blanket that makes the operation quieter.

Highly sensitive temperature sensors:

Temperature sensors allow the appliance to sense the outdoor temperature and modify the fan speed accordingly. Amana Distinction Air Conditioners are equipped with highly sensitive temperature sensors to function more efficiently and save more energy.

Now have a look at our Amana Distinction Central Air Conditioner range. Also, note that we carry almost all Amana products. If you fail to find what you were looking for, give us a quick call; 1-855-245-4328

Amana Distinctions

DSXC18 Air Conditioner

Amana Distinctions

DSXC16 Air Conditioner

Amana Distinctions

DGSX16 Air Conditioner

Amana Distinctions

DGSX14 Air Conditioner

Amana Distinctions

DGSX13 Air Conditioner

Amana Distinctions

SSX14 Air Conditioner

Amana Distinctions

GSX16 Air Conditioner

Amana Distinctions

GSX13 Air Conditioner