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We're active throughout Toronto however, our most active and efficient services lie in Mississauga. We love Mississauga and well Mississauga loves us too and so do its homeowners. If you live or have been living in Mississauga and yet never took our services, you missed something spectacular. Our service vehicles keep roaming on the roads of Mississauga to serve its people with the home comfort heating and cooling solutions. Whether you've an old home or buying a new one, whether you have a single storey or making a double one, if you're looking for quality heating and cooling appliances, someone to install and service them, then hello! In fact, HELLO! You're looking for us.

Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Boilers, Water Heaters, UV lights, Air Purifiers, Humidifiers and Thermostats, we carry them all. And that is not just a sales store. That's a complete service package too. We install, maintain, repair and replace all types and all makes and models of the home comfort heating and cooling solutions. Here's a glimpse of our Mississauga Heating Service:

Furnace Services Mississauga:

A majority of Mississauga homeowners use Furnaces to warm themselves up in Winters. Furnace service is a very technical service since it needs a lot of professionalism and any unprofessional handling can lead to serious damages later on. It is for this reason that we have trained our Furnace staff particularly for dealing with Furnaces. We sell top quality furnaces of Lennox, Rheem, Amana, Carrier and others. In addition to that, we install, repair, replace and maintain the Furnaces as well. Our maintenance services include;

Mississauga annual Furnace Tune Up:

We have designed a Protection Plan for the ease of our customers. To our existing customers, we serve with annual Furnace maintenance while also giving $500-$800 Free of cost repair and labour services. On an annual check-up visit, our technical staff tune-up your Furnace by eradicating any possibilities of repair. The tune-up includes; inspection of vents, cleaning of blower assembly, replacement of filters, checking electrical connections, lubrication of parts and replacement of damaged parts.

Mississauga annual Furnace Tune-up - Benefits:

The biggest benefit of regular maintenance is that it saves you repair cost. In addition to that; when a regular maintenance is done an automatic diagnosis also takes place. If your Furnace shows a potential of damage, it gets fixed on a maintenance visit. And above all, regular maintenance blows life into your Furnace and it keeps working for years long.

If you're somewhere in our dearest Mississauga and want to have the following Furnace services; do a favour, dial the toll-free 1-855-245-4328
And yes, once again; We love Mississauga and Mississauga, loves us.
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