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Our services are now open for Vaughan residents. Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. with its Heating, Cooling and Indoor Air Quality services is now serving throughout Vaughan. Being a well-known HVAC company of Canada, we've satisfied, till now, thousands of homeowners by giving them quality services. We, as an HVAC contractor are committed to providing the best of the best indoor experience to the residents of GTA. To make sure the ultimate comfort provision, Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. unlike several other Heating and Cooling services is offering complete HVAC solutions that include:

* Sales of High-Efficiency Heating and Cooling appliances and gadgets
* Installation of the appliances through veteran technicians
* Maintenance of all makes and models of Heating and Cooling appliances
* Repair and Replacement of appliances

What do our Vaughan Heating Services Include?

What do you want to keep yourself comfortably warm? A Furnace or Fireplace to treat the indoor air and a Boiler or Water Heater to treat the water you use? That's great! Because this is the same that we have to offer. Our Heating Services in Vaughan include:
High-Efficiency Furnaces
High-Efficiency Water Heaters
High-Efficiency Residential Boilers
Gas Fireplace Services
And let's repeat, we have complete solutions i.e installation, maintenance, repair, replacement. This all is for you if you're living anywhere in Vaughan. Whether in the North or the South, East or the West, your one call on our Toll-Free 1-855-245-4328 and we're there!

What do our Vaughan Cooling Services include?

Just like our Heating services, we're Cooling with complete solutions. At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. we've high-efficiency, sleek and stylish Air Conditioners that we not only sell, we also install, maintain, repair and replace. The Air Conditioners are both Duct and Ductless of renowned companies that include Lennox, Carrier, Amana, York, LG and others.

Have a system break down and there's scorching heat outside? Beat the blazing sun by installing a High-Efficiency Air Conditioner with magnificent services from Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc.

What do our Vaughan Indoor Air Quality services Include?

Who is safe from the hazardous effects of the environmental pollution today? While the air pollutants have given birth to numerous diseases, they've also affected the indoor Air Quality on the whole. What we breathe today at home is no more safe until and unless treated properly. There's a lot that the outdoor air does to the Indoor air everytime the door or windows are opened but the indoor activities also help worsen the air quality. There remains no other choice than to treat the air and Air Purifiers are a wonderful way to do that.
We, the Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. are selling and servicing Air Filtration Units of Canada's top companies to give an ultimately clean and fresh breathing experience. In addition to the Air Purifiers, we also carry Humidifiers to manage an appropriate indoor humidity level and UV Lights to combat germs, bacterias and viruses present in the indoor environment.

So if you're living somewhere in Vaughan, you can have our HVAC services anytime, anywhere at extremely affordable rates. Wanna give it a try? Sure, we're always here.