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Rheem High Efficiency Air Conditioner

Rheem is the answer to your home comfort cooling needs if your preference is to have space friendly and budget friendly Central Air Conditioner. With its three main Central Air Conditioner Series, i.e Prestige Series, Classic Series and Value Series, Rheem offers innovation, satisfaction and extended warranty plans with several amazing features loaded in every single model of it.

Here are some features:
1. Rheem has Two-Stage and Single-Stage central Air Conditioners    2. Highly durable    3. Louvered wrap-around jacket to protect from weather and ground effects
4. Ideal for smaller areas    5. Sound blanket for quiet operation    6. Convenient access to inner components which means; low-cost maintenance

As said above, Rheem is ideal for those looking for Central Air Conditioners suitable for low budget and smaller areas. There's more to the story and you can find it below in Rheem products:

Rheem Prestige

2-Stage Serial Communicating Air Conditioner

Rheem Prestige

Single Stage Air Conditioner

Rheem Value

Single Stage Serial Communicating Air Conditioner